my learning goals

my maths goal is to get better at my blitz i can do this by practicing at school.


my writing goal is to be neater and put fullstops at the end of my sentences .

my reading goal is to read more fluent and don’t go past my sentences .

my behavior goal is to put my hand up then speak.

Queens land !!!!!!!!!

2 years ago in febuary my family went on a plane to quees land. when we arrived it was the exact same time as when we left we landed at the queens land airport then we had to get a taxi and it took them 1 hour to get to the air port the next day we went to movie world i went on all the rides except for the ones that i wasnt tall enough to go on the next day we went to sea world and wet and wild    at wet and wild i wehnt on everything that i could go on and done the same at sea world after all that we all swam and sat in the spa and pools till 1.00 am at night then went to bed and the next 4 days were in the pool and shopping

Shayne and jaxons donation

On the 7 of the 10 jaxon,Shayne and there mum were driving to Queensland when there was an 18 year old man driving and hit there car head on, Jaxon the little boy had a collapsed lung and his neck bone was out of place and now he has to were a halo.

Today we had to dress up in blue,  which is Shaynes favourite colour, we had to bring in a gold coin donation because they have had to spend a lot of money, if you could donate some money to that would be great, just contact Bourchier St P.S

Jaxons Backbone


colour     colour     colour   colour    colour    colour   colour

chronic   chronic   chronic   chronic   chronic   chronic

assassin   assassin   assassin   assassin   assassin    assassin   assassin

bullion   bullion    bullion    bullion   bullion   bullion   bullion   bullion

Grand final weekend

On the grand final weekend I went to my cousins birthday party he turned 4, He got heaps of nerf guns and a whole tub of bullets. The next day it was grand final day I played with my cousins on the tramp then we all had a water bomb fight then we watched the granny the scores were 107 to 49 the hawks won against the west coast eagles. Cyril Rioli  got b.o.g. for the granny  and Nat Fyfe won brownlow medal.


On Friday Bourchier st ps went to the running track. hen we got there we got in our groups and we went to hurdles

I versed Oscar, mitch and rennis next we did vortex I got blue only just my vortex landed on the line then we did distance I versed kel Charlie and haddin . fraiser came first in the really for four boys

first aid

last week we had a man from saint Jhon his name was Neal he ran us through how to save someone who is unconscious he told uss about the DRSABCD but we only learnt DRSAB the D stands for danger . The R stands for response . The S stands for send for help . The

Stuart Tripp

Today MMB and the rest of middle school went to the hall to see Stuart Tripp the Paralympion, he competes in hand cycling at the Paralympics each year.

He was meant to race in Switzerland in 3 weeks but he broke his wrist in two places. He started hand cycling because before he started racing he weighed 115 kg and he was really depressed from losing his wife, his leg and his job. He started hand cycling as a way t to be happy and fit. I think that it was fantastic that he came to our school and shared his story about his life and his message of ‘exercise equals happiness’.


by Gordon Joyce MMB


On the 4th of the 8th MMB had the NED show.the N in NED stands for never give up. the E stands for encourage others. the D is for do your best.

my opinion about Justin was he is fantastic at the yoyo bro he was hilarious at telling story’s about having good character. the person that won the award was Cody  he won a yoyo kings hat and a yoyo swag belt the type of yoyo he won was a boomerang yoyo